The birds were chirping in their usual fashion. The day had come. The stillness that captured the morning was no indication of how the rest of the day was to go. So he took the time to bask in the warmth of the valley, already intense under the beaming rays. The river was full this time of year, fresh showers ushering in as soon as they planted. Everything was just starting to blossom now.

“Damn, this a beautiful ass day,” he thought to himself. He smiled and closed his eyes as the sun lay on his face. These kinds of moments were rare nowadays. Soon the world would be buzzing, and the movements in their usual swing. He moved closer to the water and dipped his feet in. The chilling shock sent a soothing sensation to his temple. He was finding better ways to find stimulation. It was as if his cup had been emptied, and refilled again. The elixir of life overflowed, yet none spilled onto the ground.

He feared being in that space for too long- the comfort. He worried about what might happen if he stayed too long. The challenge was to remain in that space while never losing your sharpness. As life had shown him, situations change often. He was seeking to find balance within himself.

After the acknowledged his anxieties, he categorized them into things he could not change and things he could. He sat with the things he could not change one last time as he inhaled deeply, and exhaled them out for the moment. He knew some of them would be persistent. But they would all have their time. All of them.

He stood up and dusted off his clothes. The excitement of the day was enough, and he knew the challenges would keep coming. So he decided to meet them head-on.



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Robin Moulton

Robin Moulton

“I just want to create beauty.” - Radcliffe Bailey